Wednesday, February 25, 2015

NRI returns home without chocolates, family members refuse to identify him

NRI Bring Chocolates
Gorakhpur : A shocking statement by all family members – “Chintu !! You are not our blood” , turned Chintu unconscious immediately when he came back to home after two years from on-site.
Our reporter Laal-Chi said that Chintu Singh Coder was working for a multinational software company, who got an on-site opportunity in Nepal two years back.
According to Laal-Chi, Chintu was first in his family to go abroad. All family members were so happy but after two year when Chintu came back to India, they showed their real face.
“He was not carrying enough chocolates, so he is not our blood,” said a family member.
Chintu was admitted to nearest emergency hospital and is now out of danger according to the doctor. After several hour discussion between family members, they finally wanted to give one last chance to Chintu to prove himself by sending him back to Nepal. Family members want that this time Chintu bring enough chocolates with him.
A secret source revealed that Chintu was planning to never comeback to India.

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