Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Professional wedding photographer clicks all photos on his own wedding, photoshops himself later in album

New Delhi : Clickeshwar is very serious human being when it comes to clicking pictures, specially ‘wedding photography’. He completed his degree BAF (Bachelor of Aperture & Focus) in Wedding Technology with a reputed photographic institute.
Wedding Photographer
“I know photoshop, will paste myself later in the album.”
Institute is approved with Auto Focus, ISO 100 –  25600, f 1/8 and 30 fps ranking. Clickeshwar was very bright student from the beginning of the course and finally managed to get placed as a wedding photographer. He became a very famous wedding photographer because of his Facebook page ‘Click Clickeshwar Click Photography’.  According to him only, no one can click better picture than him in weddings, but problem came when his own marriage got fixed.
To click ultimate photos on his own wedding, he decided to click by himself. One week before his marriage, when bride was busy in Turmeric and Mehndi rituals, Clickeshwar was studying hard to crack Photoshop certification. Somehow, he managed to clear CS6 certification just 20 minutes before beginning of his baarat dance.
As said, he is now a certified Photoshop photographer. He clicked all of his wedding pictures starting from Dwaar Pooja, Jaimaal, Raat ke Phere, taking blessing from Pandit jee and even of  vidai of his wife. His master knowledge in Photoshop made pictures more than real.
Clickeshwar is now planning to click his honeymoon pictures on his own and photoshop himself later.

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